The flower collection, based in Kalamata (Palaiologou 15), since 1997, has been near you with fresh flowers to cover every important moment of your life. With original ideas, excellent aesthetics, high quality, affordable prices and professionalism, we undertake to design separate proposals for your wedding, baptism and every event.
Marriage adornment concerns all couples when planning their wedding. Usually wedding decoration includes
-The bridal bouquet
- the decoration of the two lamps
- flower buds
- decoration of the chalice
- Adornments needed by bridesmaids (bouquets, wreaths or hairstyle)
- cake decoration
- car decoration
-outdoor decoration of church (with flower arrangements, lanterns, gauze, and other decorations)
- bridal table decoration at the reception
- decoration of tables for guests at the reception
- a specially designed swimming pool with flowers and candles floating in the water.
Our highly trained bouquets are waiting for you to achieve the perfect result in your wedding decoration with their unique creations !!